Key Resources Exclusive For Professional Partners

Key Resources Exclusive For Professional Partners

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Warranty Information

LIV + App Onboarding Guide

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide

Hardware Troubleshooting Guide

Adding Your Reseller Number Guide

Pro Onboarding Handout & Reseller Number Guide

LIV Onboarding Troubleshooting Guide


Decoding Hub Lights & How to Factory Reset a Hub

Refills - Change Refills from 40 hrs to 180 hrs

Basic Enumeration Troubleshooting

Installing LIV

Configuring LIV

Refills - Replacing Repellent Cartridges & Resetting Existing Refill Life

How to Lock/Unlock Repellers

Setting Schedules on LIV+ App

Swapping Repellers


Installation Mapping Tool

Hub Mounting Template

Dual Band Wi-Fi Email Tool

Pro Leave Behind - Customer Not On Wi-Fi

Pro Wi-Fi Speed Test Tool

Label & SDS

Label - 40hr Cartridge

Label - 180hr Cartridge

SDS Sheet

LIV System FAQs

  • LIV Plugs into a standard 110v GFCI outlet.

  • LIV needs .5 amps / 50 watts to power the system and is rated for outdoor use year-round.

  • The LIV repellers produce a zone of protection that is 10 ft in radius and 20 ft in diameter from the repellers.

  • LIV utilizes a 5.5% metofluthrin formulation to be able to create its 20 ft in Diameter zone of protection around each repeller.

  • LIV repellers are made from Die-cast aluminum alloy.

  • The LIV system is only compatible with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

  • Depending on where the onboarding process Is failing, this will tell you a lot about what’s happening.

    Failing to onboard at the following steps means...

    Connecting to device - Try to bring Hub closer to Router, if it continues to fail at this step contact Thermacell Support.

    Connecting to your network - Wi-Fi network is not currently a 2.4 GHz network or is not enabled.

    Joining device to the network - Wi-Fi speeds may not be suitable for LIV or a smart home device. Please test Wi-Fi speed at 100MBPS is required.

    Registering the device to your account - Contact Thermacell support to help manually register the customer.

  • Attempt to connect to the 2.4GHz network on its own. If this fails, you may need to temporarily disable the 5 GHz network to be able to successfully onboard the LIV system. You can turn the 5 GHz network back on after the device has onboarded.

  • You should always do a Wi-Fi speed test before onboarding a LIV system to make sure the Wi-Fi network we are attempting to connect to can support a smart home device. Much like ring doorbells and other smart home devices, LIV requires at least 100 MBPS of internet speed to be onboarded.

  • Distance from the router, objects in the way of the router, provider outages, and many other factors can cause Wi-Fi connection to not be as strong as required.

  • LIV works best with WPA2 encryption types (standard for most home Wi-Fi networks)

  • The LIV system uses low voltage cabling that is daisy chained from the hub to each repeller in the chain to be able to power the system.

  • LIV repeller cables come in both 10’ and 24’ cables. Each repeller comes standard with a 24’ cable.

  • Repellent cartridges are sold in 6 packs, with a full case being four 6-packs of cartridges. 24 Total cartridges come in a case.

  • Yes, LIV cartridges are only compatible with the LIV smart Mosquito Repellent system.

  • No, repellent cartridges are sold separately than repellers.

Pro Dashboard
  • The pro dashboard updates every 24-48 hours.

  • Initializing indicates that the last time the Pro Dashboard refreshed that it caught this device in a state in which it was ensuring connection to the Wi-Fi network. This does NOT indicate that there is a problem present with the system but simply a connection status.

  • An active error indicates there is an error that has been reported numerous times that is impacting the device’s performance – please reach out to Thermacell support.

  • A recent error indicates that there is an error with the system that may be impacting performance, if this issue persists after multiple updates, please reach out to Thermacell support.

  • Signal indicates that the Wi-Fi connection to the hub is in danger of falling offline. If this status persists, we suggest you utilize the Wi-Fi test tool to ensure the connection strength can support the LIV system.

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